U.S. Government Financial Assistance

Curtis students who are United States citizens or permanent residents of the United States and have a high school diploma may be eligible to receive U.S. Department of Education Title IV Higher Education Assistance (HEA) funding. Students must complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to establish eligibility. The web site is www.fafsa.ed.gov. Financial assistance in the form of Pell grants, Direct Stafford loans, and/or PLUS loans will be awarded to students on the basis of documented financial need. The Office of Student Financial Assistance is responsible for administering and certifying student eligibility for these aid programs. Not all Curtis programs are eligible for these federal programs.

The programs are as follows:

William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program

Direct Loans are government sponsored low-interest loans to assist students and their parents in meeting educational expenses. Direct Student Loans are administered by the Office of Student Assistance.

Direct Loans may be certified as interest-subsidized or unsubsidized, based on federal eligibility requirements. All loan amounts are determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Maximum Borrowing Per Academic Year (includes unsubsidized loan portion)

  • First-year undergraduates: $5,500
  • Second-year students: $6,500
  • Third-through-fifth-year undergraduate students: $7,500
  • Graduate students: $20,500 per academic year

Eligibility for a Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is established by filing the FAFSA. Parents and graduate students who qualify may borrow funds up to the cost of attendance less other financial assistance. Parents and graduate students obtain these loans through the Direct Loan program. A credit check is performed as part of the eligibility for this loan. Contact Veronica McAuley for more information.

Pell Grant

Pell grants are undergraduate, need-based federal grants administered and certified through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, based on a standard federal needs-analysis formula. Students must file the FAFSA to establish eligibility.

Veterans Benefits

Contact your local Veterans Administration Office for information on grant and loan programs for veterans. Ms. McAuley can assist with certification requirements.