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Supplementary Piano

All bachelor's-degree candidates (except piano majors) are required to pass or place out of four semesters of supplementary piano.

For most students, their supplementary piano lesson will be 30 minutes per week, with one hour per week for undergraduate composition, conducting, and organ majors. All conductors, composers, and organists will take supplementary piano every semester enrolled at Curtis unless excused by their major teacher.

A short interview on placement exam day with a member of the supplementary piano faculty will determine into which semester a new student should place. It's possible for advanced pianists (non-majors) to be exempt depending on ability.

Students will be assigned to a supplementary piano teacher for two years. At the end of each student’s first academic year, the supplementary piano faculty will meet to discuss exchanging students for any reason, including progress, personality and working relationship, etc.

The goals of supplementary piano include proficiency in scales and arpeggios (minimum of three octaves, hands together), and two works or movements from two different composers in contrasting styles, comparable to a Bach Invention or Mozart Sonata, to be played in a final jury. Repertoire will be chosen according to the student’s abilities.

For conductors, composers, and organists, before the student's final year, the supplementary piano teacher will determine if and when he/she will take a piano performance class or jury. All other students will be required to pass a final jury consisting of the Dean and all supplementary piano teachers.