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Solfège I

SFG 111–132; 2 s.h./term

Sight-singing in five clefs, singing and recognition of intervals and triads, two-part contrapuntal dictation, rhythmic dictation, and score-reading.

Solfège II

SFG 241–262; 2 s.h./term

Advanced sight-singing in seven clefs, chromaticism, three-part contrapuntal dictation, simple figured-bass dictation, and reading Bach chorales in open score.

Solfège III

SFG 371–392; 2 s.h./term

More complex figured-bass dictation with chromaticism, atonal dictation and sight-singing, and advanced score-reading.


Odd-numbered courses generally meet in the fall and even-numbered courses meet in the spring.

The designations "s.h." (semester hours) and "g.c." (graduate credits) indicate credit-hours given per term for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively.

Yearlong, two-semester courses are designated by hyphenated course numbers. Students must successfully complete both semesters of required yearlong courses to satisfy the graduation requirement.

The symbol * indicates a course that is not offered every year.