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Music History

Music History I

MHS 101–102; 3 s.h./term

The history of Western music from its origins in Ancient Greece to the beginning of the twentieth century, covering the political, social, and religious trends that influence and shape music from one era to the next. Examines the development of musical styles, genres, compositional procedures, historical performance issues and practices, and their relevance to other eras. A general survey of major composers, the lives of important historical figures, and some of the great works in Western music history.

Music History II

MHS 201–202; 2 s.h./term

An examination of the trends and ideas that shaped music from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Students will explore this development through a chronological study of the composers, as well as through the creation of their own works employing different compositional techniques of the era.

Music History Electives


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