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Foundation Courses

Students in the Bachelor's degree program take two semesters of Foundation Courses.

Foundations in Reading and Writing

ENG 103-1; 3 s.h./term

This course is designed as an introduction to the three fields of inquiry that comprise the Curtis liberal arts curriculum: Culture, History and Philosophy; Languages, Literature and the Arts; and Environmental and Social Sciences. Students will read and discuss texts and works of art from each area of study and explore the relationships between music and the liberal arts.

Foundations in Reading and Writing

ENG 103-2; 3 s.h./term

This course will encourage active engagement with texts and class discussions as well as self-expression through numerous writing assignments, oral reports, library projects and essays. Students will have opportunities to offer creative responses to texts and will explore methods of critical thinking and analysis while using the tools of scholarly discourse.
Course texts will include: memoirs, novels, non-fiction, dialogues, short stories, plays, poetry, essays, film, and visual art.


Odd-numbered courses generally meet in the fall and even-numbered courses meet in the spring.

The designations "s.h." (semester hours) and "g.c." (graduate credits) indicate credit-hours given per term for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively.

Yearlong, two-semester courses are designated by hyphenated course numbers. Students must successfully complete both semesters of required yearlong courses to satisfy the graduation requirement.

The symbol * indicates a course that is not offered every year.