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2016 Audition Calendar

All auditions are CLOSED to the public.

Auditions for fall 2016 admission will take place in February and March 2016. All dates will be listed here by January 2016.

There will be no 2016 auditions for bass trombone, harp, percussion, and tuba.


Bass Trombone No 2016 Auditions
Bassoon March 1
Cello March 20-21 (finals March 21)
Clarinet Date TBA
Composition Date TBA
Conducting Date TBA
Double Bass Feb 19-20
Flute March 1
Guitar March 2
Harp No 2016 Auditions
Harpsichord Date TBA
Horn Date TBA
Oboe March 1
Opera March 10-12 (finals March 12)
Organ Feb 6
Piano March 5-8 (finals March 8)
Timpani and Percussion No 2016 Auditions
Trombone Date TBA
Trumpet Date TBA
Tuba No 2016 Auditions
Viola Feb 26
Violin Feb 22-24 (Finals Feb 24)
Voice March 8-9 (finals March 9)