More Information about Auditions in 2020

We know that the decision to not hold select auditions in 2021 is disappointing for prospective applicants to those departments, but we hope the following information will help provide context for this news. 

Curtis is a unique school. All students receive merit-based, full-tuition scholarships for the duration of their study. The student body is limited to about 150 students—just enough students to maintain a full symphony orchestra and an opera program, plus select programs in piano, guitar, composition, conducting, organ, community artist fellows, and a string quartet in residence. It is not unusual for a department at Curtis to have only one opening in a given year. 

One of the many opportunities unique to Curtis is the opportunity to return for an additional year of study. Several students may return for an additional year in a typical year. This year, due to the extraordinary circumstances affecting the global community, Curtis considered all eligible students for an additional year of study. As a result, fewer studios will have openings for the 2021–22 academic year.

While it is natural to be disappointed by this news, we encourage you to consider several avenues to advance your musical growth and keep Curtis in your plans for next year. We are eager to stay in touch with you through the spring and summer and invite you to audition in the future when Curtis has openings for your instrument. 

Wishing you health and safety,

The Curtis Admissions Team