Appeals Process

A student who has been found to have violated the Academic Honesty Policy has the right to appeal the decision to the instructor and to the dean in writing and must initiate the process within ten school days from being informed of the determination of the violation. The student also has the right to request that the academic appeals committee hear the case and render a decision. The only issues that may be appealed by the student are (1) Did a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy occur? and (2) Was the sanction determined by the instructor and/or the dean inappropriate?

When a student has taken an informal appeal to the instructor and the dean, the decision on that appeal will constitute the administrative decision from which a further appeal may be taken to the academic appeals committee. A student (or parent) shall have ten school days following the receipt of that administrative decision to make a request for a formal hearing before the academic appeals committee. The ruling of the academic appeals committee shall be final.

Sources: This Academic Honesty Policy was developed by a faculty committee, which reviewed the policies of numerous institutions, including the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Lock Haven University, and Drexel University.