Debuts: U.S. Chicago (age 9), solo recital, 1926; Ravinia Park, soloist, Chicago, 1926; Chicago, 2 all-Bach recitals, 1930, Carnegie Hall, Theremin recital. New York, 1932: Official Carnegie Hall debut with Philadelphia Orchestra, 1936; 6 all-Bach Recitals, Town Hall, New York, 1937 (continued annually).
Europe: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, London (BBC), 1949, London , 1953
Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, India, 1966
South America: 1986

Concert Tours: Extensive annual international tours since 1947, recitals, orchestral performances as soloist and conductor, master classes, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Far East: Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Israel, Turkey, U.S., Denmark, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, South Africa.

Conductor/Soloist: Philharmonia Orchestra, London, 1959–, New York Philharmonic, 1960, Tureck Bach Players, London 1960–72, San Antonio Symphony, 1962; Scottish National Orchestra, Edinburgh, Glasgow, 1963, Israel Philharmonic, Tel Aviv, Haifa, 1963; Kol Israel Orchestra, Jerusalem, 1963, Tureck Bach Players, Glyndebourne, 1967–; Tureck Bach Players, New York (Carnegie Hall), 1967–, Kansas City Philharmonic, 1968, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, D.C., Annapolis, New York, 1970, Madrid Festival Symphony Orchestra, 1970, Tureck Bach Players, Israel Festival, 1967, 1969, 1970–86; St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, 1981; Rome Telecom Orchestra, 1996–97.

Annual Bach Series: New York, 1937–54, 1959–, London, 1953–; Copenhagen, 1956–; Pasadena, California Institute of Technology, 1938–, Montreal, 1945–53, London (Tureck Bach Players) 1960–72, New York (Carnegie Hall) 1970–, other capitol cities, U.S.A. and Europe.

Festivals: All-Bach Programs, solo recitals and as conductor of Tureck Bach Players (see above); J. S. Bach 300th Anniversary Series: Six concerts in Carnegie Hall, 1985, with orchestra, chorus, and vocal soloists. Solo recitals, concertos conducted from the keyboard by Dr. Tureck, and cantatas.