Founder and Director

Composers of Today, 1949–53, Society for Contemporary Music, Founder, Dir. Tureck Bach Players, London, 1957, New York, 1981; Bach Festivals — London, Glyndebourne, Wales, Ireland, Spain 1959–, Carnegie Hall, New York, 1975–; International Bach Society, Institute for Bach Studies, New York, 1968.
Tureck Bach Institute. Inc., Musicological Research and Performance on Period and Contemporary Instruments 1981 (Annual Symposia 1968–), Tureck Bach Research Foundation, Musicology, Performance, the Sciences, Oxford, 1994 (First Annual Symposium — Structure; Principles, and Applications in the Sciences and Music, 15–17 Dec. 1995, Second Annual Symposium — Structure, the Notion of Authenticity, 19–21 April 1997; Third Annual Symposium — The Concept of Concept, 9–10 May 1998); Institute of Advanced Musical Studies, Oxford, 1997 Spain 1999–; Tureck Bach Research Institute, Inc., New York, 2001–.