Food and Drink

Food and drinks are allowed in all areas of the library except the A/V-Archives area on the second floor. If you are eating lunch, remain in the first-floor lounge or the second-floor conference room. Your food should be snack-sized and portable (sandwiches, fruit, chips, energy bars, etc.) rather than full meals. 

Please keep your food in its containers or wrappers as much as possible and use the the garbage cans to dispose of waste. Drinks must be kept in closed containers such as plastic bottles, closed coffee mugs, etc. Canned drinks without a lid and to-go cups like paper coffee cups are not permitted and should be left at the circulation desk while you’re in the library.

Please respect others by not bringing in pungent-smelling food, since strong odors will spread throughout the floor and building.

The library staff reserves the right to determine whether food brought in is acceptable, and may ask you to eat it elsewhere before returning to the library.