More Academic and Financial Aid Information

Contact the school of choice to request information about financial assistance available at that school. Most schools have payment plan options. When meeting with the school of choice, students and family should bring the Curtis financial aid award letter. For information about schools near Curtis contact Laurel Grady, associate dean of student life and international student affairs. 

It is the student and family's responsibility to make an appointment with the appropriate person at the school of choice to discuss school schedules, classes, financial obligations, and deadlines. 

High school students wishing to take an accelerated course load at their school of choice should submit requests to Laurel Grady no later than August 1. Curtis and the student’s school of choice will consider all requests based on transcripts, English language proficiency, and placement tests. These will be weighed carefully to ensure that the student will be able to make normal progress academically and musically. Additionally, enrolling in online course work for high school credit will be considered at the discretion of Curtis. International students who are non-native English speakers are not eligible to take online courses for a high school diploma. For details and more information, contact Laurel Grady. 

Please be advised that Curtis has limited funding for high school, middle school, and elementary school tuition. Curtis will cover only a portion of the tuition. All other high school tuition and expenses are the responsibility of the student and family. For additional questions, contact Veronica McAuley, director of student financial assistance. 

Students under sixteen years of age are required to live with a parent or adult guardian. In consultation with the dean and the faculty, academically advanced younger students may on occasion be permitted to enroll in academic courses for which they demonstrate superior aptitude. 
* Non-native speakers of English are required to take the TOEFL. The TOEFL scores for students entering the Diploma program will be used for placement purposes only.