Lessons and Coachings

Major Lessons

Fall and Spring; various s.h. or g.c./term

One lesson/equivalent per week with the student's major instructor. Younger students may receive two lessons per week. Voice and instrumental majors receive four s.h./term credit; piano, composition, conducting, and guitar majors receive six s.h./term credit. Opera students receive one g.c./term credit.

Composition Seminar

CMP 001–002; 1 s.h./term

Seminar class for composers, involving analysis, presentation, and discussion of contemporary music.

Early Music Performance

HRC 001–002; 1 s.h./term

Examination of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century performance practice through lectures, demonstrations, and coachings.

Chamber Music

CHM 001–002; 1 s.h./term

Regular coaching of student string, brass, woodwind, and mixed ensembles by Curtis’s chamber music faculty. Trios, quartets, and larger ensembles are formed by students or assigned by the faculty. Required of all piano and orchestral instrument majors with specific repertoire requirements for each semester.

Score Analysis

CND 113–114; 1 s.h./term

Detailed study of the structure of orchestral scores for conducting majors.