Instrumental Repertoire Studies

Orchestral Repertoire


BRS 001–002; 1 s.h./term


PRC 001–002; 1 s.h./term


STG 001–002; 1 s.h./term


WWD 001–002; 1 s.h./term
Weekly sectional study and rehearsal of orchestral literature, required of all string, woodwind, brass, and percussion orchestra members.


ORC 001–002; 3 s.h./term
Participation in the Curtis Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Curtis Chamber Orchestra. Required of all orchestral instrument majors sixteen years of age and older.

Organ Class

ORG 001–002; 1 s.h./term
Weekly performance class, required of all organ majors. All repertoire to be performed from memory.

Curtis 20/21, the Contemporary Music Ensemble

CHM 101–102; 1 s.h./term
Participation in Curtis 20/21, an ensemble devoted to the performance of chamber music from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Rehearsals weekly and as needed. Chamber music credit given based on participation and opportunity to perform or at the discretion of the dean.

Piano Repertoire Seminar

PNO 221–222; 1 s.h./term
Weekly performance class, required of all piano majors.

Guitar Performance Seminar

GTR 221-222; 1 s.h./term
Weekly performance class, required of all guitar majors.

Lab Orchestra

ORC 311–312; 1 s.h./term
Practice in conducting ensembles from the symphony orchestra, required of all conducting majors.