Foundation Courses

Students in the bachelor's degree program take two semesters of Foundation Courses.

ENG103 / ENG104 Meaning and Interpretation

In this course we will broaden and deepen our minds and support the further development of critical, creative thought about ourselves and culture. Diverse readings across genres (short stories, novels, poetry, plays, and essays) will introduce students to the question of voice and methodology. We all have stories to tell: Which genre will best engage and enthrall? How do authors challenge the status quo and reveal meanings otherwise hidden in human experience? Reading (and writing about) these works will offer the opportunity to develop skills through close readings and critical analysis, figurative responses and reactions to critical essays.

Course requirements include written responses, quizzes, exams, and active engagement and participation. 

ENG103 / ENG104 Presentation and Oral Practice

Students develop oral communication, listening, and presentation skills, including: delivering and responding to formal presentations; engaging in small group discussions; and participating in role plays, physical relaxation, and vocal warm-up exercises. The learning outcomes of Presentation and Oral Practice will provide students with a strong foundation to feel confident and capable of preparing for and giving presentations in a variety of academic formats and on stage.

Class objectives include being able to handle the preparation and execution of a presentation, following directions and understanding assignments, utilizing time-management skills with presentations, and managing problems.

Class outcomes: By actively engaging in all program sessions, you will be able to: research and prepare for specific presentations; give a presentation on two specific assignments; realize the necessary skills of presentation etiquette.