Meet Seula Lee

Fellow Seula Lee (Violin ’18) teaches group violin classes using the Suzuki Method to students at William Cramp Elementary School in North Philadelphia, a project begun in 2016 by past fellow Shannon Lee (Violin ’16).


Describe some of your current teaching activities.

I teach beginning violin group classes for 30 kindergarten students at William Cramp Elementary School, where they don’t have any general music teacher. We work on rhythm and pitch recognition through pre-“Twinkle” repertoire. I also teach privately and have given master classes and coachings for the All City Orchestra retreat [hosted] at Curtis.


Did you expect to teach as part of your musical career?

Absolutely! I have been teaching violin since I was in high school. Before coming to Curtis, I was teaching as an associate instructor of violin at Indiana University while studying there. One of focuses of my study was pedagogy. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with string pedagogue Mimi Zweig [at Indiana University].


What are some benefits and positive changes you have seen from teaching?

In the students I have seen an improvement in mood, self-control, self-confidence, and concentration. It’s rewarding and fulfilling for me in ways that are different than what performing offers.


Can you share a favorite teaching moment?

I have so many! If I had to choose one, it would be when a student recently walked in saying, “I always look forward to coming into violin class”—with a big smile on his face!


What have you learned from your experience as a Community Artist Fellow?

It made me realize that what we do as artists really matters and that we can change lives through reaching out. I’m so grateful to Curtis for the opportunity to be a Community Artist Fellow this year.

Seula shares a day in the life of a Community Artist Fellow in her latest vlog.




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