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The Curtis Factor

What makes this ultra-selective conservatory so special? Meet students, faculty, and alumni, hear original Curtis music, and explore the rich history of the school through The Curtis Factor: articles, videos, and multimedia from the Philadelphia Inquirer and


  • Getting into Curtis is harder than getting into Harvard, and the audition is key. One California family has three children attending. Watch Chapter 1: Audition to find out how that happened.
  • At 97, piano faculty member Eleanor Sokoloff (Class of 1938) has been part of Curtis's history for eight decades. She and others reflect on the artistic personalities that have shaped the school in Chapter 2: Tradition.
  • Watch Curtis students learn by doing, whether working alone in practice rooms, together in ensembles, or one-on-one in music lessons, in Chapter 3: Transformation.
  • After graduation, Curtis students find their place in the wider musical world, as Chapter 4: Variation reveals.