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Mission, Objectives, Core Values

Curtis's mission, objectives, and core values guide the school as it evolves to meet current and emerging challenges while remaining true to its remarkable tradition of excellence.

Principal Objectives
Core Values


The Curtis Institute of Music educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians for careers as performing artists on the highest professional level.

Principal Objectives

In order to achieve its mission, Curtis continually strives to meet its principal objectives:

  • Enlist the highest quality faculty in all areas of instruction.
  • Admit exceptionally gifted students, accepted for study exclusively on the basis of merit.
  • Create and administer the most effective programs for training professional artists, including the highest caliber instruction in musical studies and liberal arts.
  • Provide and maintain the best possible physical facilities in support of the above objectives.
  • Offer support services attending to the physical and emotional health care needs, as well as the curricular and noncurricular interests, of students.
  • Improve the infrastructure to assure the success of all goals and objectives.

Core Values

Success in meeting Curtis's principal objectives requires unwavering commitment to the school's core values, which affirm that Curtis:

  • admits students based solely on artistic promise
  • provides highly personalized education and superior training
  • fosters "learning by doing"
  • provides a broad educational program
  • embodies quality and integrity above all