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To reach staff members by e-mail, use their complete name separated by a dot, for example:



Advancement Department

Alumni and Parent Programs

Artistic Programs and Performance

Business Office

Dean's Office

Facility Operations

Human Resources

Instrumental Accompaniment

John de Lancie Library, Milton L. Rock Resource Center

Liberal Arts Faculty

Musical Studies Faculty

Piano Maintenance Workshop

President's Office

Professional Development and Community Engagement



Senior Vice President's Office

Student Services and Financial Assistance

Vocal Studies Department

Administration Office, (215) 717-3171

Cynthia Heininger, executive assistant and board liaison

Admissions, (215) 717-3117

Christopher Hodges, director of admissions

Advancement Department

Kristen B. Loden, senior vice president of advancement
Anusha Bala, executive assistant and donor relations coordinator

Fundraising, (215) 893-5279
Anthony J. Brown, director of annual giving
Adriane Fink, director of institutional giving
Bruce Leto Jr., membership manager
Anna Matheson, director of special events and facilities rentals
Diane Poff, institutional giving officer
Laura Sancken, director of alumni and parent relations
Charles Sterne III, director of principal gifts and planned giving

External Affairs and Patron Engagement
Media Inquiries (215) 717-3190
Patron Services Office (215) 893-7902
Recital Hotline (215) 893-5261

Kathryn Bezella, vice president of external affairs and patron engagement
David Carpenter, advancement data specialist
Jennifer Dionisio, digital projects manager
Jessica Gockley, director of advancement data services
Jennifer Kallend, senior director of public relations and patron engagement
Victoria Koursaros, creative associate and advancement assistant
Kelly McFarland, advancement data analyst
Erica Warburg, patron services manager
Melinda Whiting, senior editor

Alumni and Parent Programs, (215) 893-5272

Laura Sancken, director of alumni and parent relations

Department of Artistic Programs and Performance

David Ludwig, Gie and Lisa Liem dean of artistic programs and performance
Lourdes Starr Demers, vice president of artistic programs and performance, (215) 717-3192
Matthew Barker, director of recitals and master classes, (215) 717-3178
Jonathan Hummel, orchestra and production manager, (215) 717-3191
Mary Wheelock Javian, director of professional development and community engagement, (215) 717-3149
Christine Kim, coordinator of touring and community engagement, (215) 717-3143
Andrew Lane, director of Curtis On Tour, (215) 717-3124
Holly Matthews, orchestra librarian, (215) 717-3189
Thomas Oltarzewski, systems coordinator, (215) 717-3162
Adam Pangburn, associate for the department of artistic programs and performance, (215) 875-4208
Annie Sarachan, summer programs promotional assistant, (215) 717-3193
Drew Schlegel, director of audio engineering, (215) 717-3101
Greg Sharrow, Field-McFadden Chair in Audio-Visual Arts, (215) 875-4204
Grace Smith, production assistant, (215) 717-3174
Shino Verner, manager of summer programs, (215) 717-3167
Mickey Welde, assistant editor and audio-visual arts coordinator

Business Office, (215) 893-5252

Joseph Slater, senior director of finance
Michelle Lawrence Holmes, bookkeeper
Patricia Lombardo, director of human resources
Angela McCormick, staff accountant
David Reinhardt, controller

Dean’s Office, (215) 893-5252

Paul Bryan, dean of faculty and students
Cynthia Heininger, executive assistant and board liaison
Elaine Katz, faculty liaison/special projects

Facility Operations, (215) 717-3168

Nan Alderson, director of facility operations

Human Resources, (215) 893-5252

Patricia Lombardo, director of human resources
Daniel McDougall, human resources associate

Instrumental Accompaniment

Jungeun Kim, director of instrumental accompaniment, (215) 717-3105

John de Lancie Library, Milton L. Rock Resource Center, (215) 893-5265

Michelle Oswell, director of music library information resources
Barbara Benedett, digital archivist
Emily Butler, assistant librarian
Darryl Hartshorne, circulation manager
Molly O'Brien, media librarian

Liberal Arts Faculty, (215) 717-3114

Jeanne M. McGinn, Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Jr. Chair of Liberal Arts

Musical Studies Faculty, (215) 717-3183

Jonathan Coopersmith, Chair of Musical Studies

Piano Maintenance Workshop, (215) 717-3153

Jon Guenther, chief piano technician

President's Office, (215) 717-3107

Roberto Díaz, president and chief executive officer
Lissy Madden, executive assistant

Professional Development and Community Engagement, (215) 717-3149

Mary Wheelock Javian, director of professional development and community engagement

Receptionist, (215) 893-5252

Mary Ruddy


1726 Locust Street, (215) 717-3112
1616 Locust Street, Lenfest Hall, (215) 875-4200

Student Services and Financial Assistance

Thomas Bandar, associate dean of student and academic affairs, (215) 875-4202
Laurel Grady, associate dean of student services and international student affairs, (215) 717-3165
Veronica McAuley, director of student financial assistance, (215) 717-3188

Vocal Studies Department, (215) 717-3116

Ralph Batman, managing director, vocal studies and the Curtis Opera Theatre