The Curtis Annual Fund

The Curtis Institute of Music plays a deeply important role in keeping classical music vital and fresh. At Curtis, aspiring young musicians from around the globe access an individualized education with top artists in an equitable, tuition-free environment that lowers barriers to enter the professional world. Curtis’s alumni have forged the school’s reputation for excellence through shared, impactful experiences with millions of people, demonstrating music’s alluring power to connect people together.

Your gift to the Curtis Annual Fund upholds Curtis’s promise to fully cover all of the educational expenses for every student admitted and to provide the necessary support to allow young artists to flourish in today’s world.

We are thankful for the generous contributions of the following donors to the 2020-21 Curtis Annual Fund.


The donors listed below have contributed to the Curtis Annual Fund, which begins on June 1, 2020 and ends on May 31, 2021. Donor lists are updated on a quarterly basis; the lists below are current as of January 2021. 


Joseph M. Field
Rita E. Hauser
Marguerite Lenfest
John H. McFadden and Lisa D. Kabnick
Mark E. Rubenstein
Jay H. Tolson
Penelope P. Watkins

* alumnus/a
^ parents

Frank S. Bayley
Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz
Lois and Julian Brodsky
William R. Brody
Bill and Laura Buck
Anthony B. Creamer III
Susan* and Conrad De Jong Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Y.S. Liu and Liane Dzau

Allen R. and Judy Brick Freedman

Deborah M. Fretz

Gordon and Patricia Fowler
Wayne and Wilhelmina Hardee
Linda E. Johnson
Gie and Lisa Liem^
Cornelia B. and R. Ashbrook McCann
Susan and Frank Mechura
Laura and Kenneth Mitchell
Edward A. Montgomery Jr.
Bob and Guna Mundheim
Susan Leider Munzer*
National Philanthropic Trust
C. Richard Neu and Virginia L. Ambrosini
Robert and Lynne Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Rock
Jean and Gene Stark
Baron Ludeke von Maltzahn

Nina Baroness von Maltzahn

* alumnus/a
^ parents

Ruth T. Baker*
Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Robert J. Carwithen*
Bruce and Deborah Duncan Foundation
Barbara Eberlein
Professor Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., in memory of Nina Segre
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Glickman
Mrs. Mignon and Mrs. James Groch
The CHG Charitable Trust
William A. Horn, M.D.*
Plato S.* and Dorothy Krebill* Karayanis
Elissa Lee Koljonen* and Roberto Díaz*
Mary M. Lane
Carol and Howard Lidz
John J. Medveckis
The Family of Reverend Charles O. Moore
Rosalind and Roy Neff
Bruce and Aulana Peters 
Lyn M. Ross
Cecilia Segawa Seigle
Dr. Bettyruth Walter
Ms. Betty Whelchel and Mr. Doug Kruse
Barbara Eberlein and Jerry Wind

* alumnus/a
^ parents

Tobe Amsterdam
Ankist Family Trust
Joyce Arsnow
Jim and Janet Averill
Eileen Baird
Charlotte H. Biddle    
Derek and Sissela Bok
Victoria Bok
Larry and Coren Bomback
Robert Bryan and Julie Jensen
Elia D. Buck and Caroline B. Rogers
Pauline A. Candaux and Solomon H. Katz
David and Jennifer Cardy
Phil and Meg Cavanaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Harris R. Clearfield
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Clifton
Frank and Margery Cooper
Peter S. Cressman
Curtis Parents in Korea^
Mrs. Edith R. Dixon
Mary Lou Falcone*
Sally and Michael Feder^
Mr. Burton D. Fine* and Ms. Susan Miron
Peter and Pamela Freyd
Joe and Kathy Gallagher
Judith and Marvin Garfinkel
Susan and Sherwood "Woody" Goldberg
Bruce Jay Gould, M.D.
Susan L. Graham
Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg
Gordon and Llura+ Gund
Kate Hall
Pamela and James Hill
Blake Hinson* directed through Charlotte and William Hinson Family Foundation
Dr. Frederic and Trudy Honigman
Mr. Dennis Hummel
Scott and Yardly Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. Hratch A. Kasparian
Ms. Erin Keefe*
Gilbert N. Kerlin
Jim and Jane Knox^
Mrs. Catherine M. Koten
Raymond and Carol Kujawa
William Lake Leonard
Fran and Leon Levy
William A. Loeb
Sharon and Frank Lorenzo
Joan W. Mackie
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. McCausland
Daniel and Jean McCoubrey
Madelyn Mignatti
Christopher Millard*
C. Justin Miller*
Joan M. Moran and William J. Fenza+
Barbara Moskow*
James O'Neill and David Rubin
Lambert* and Jan Orkis
Neil Oxman, Esq.
The Dean and Zoë Pappas Family Foundation
Stephanie Shirvan Pious and Charles Pious
Donald E. Red, M.D.
Rinaldi Family, Jacobs Music
Judith and James Ritchings
Constance Benoliel Rock
Ms. Caroline B. Rogers
Mary Ellen and Carl Schneider
Rebecca and Daniel Shapiro
Samuel and Kate Sidewater
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Sklar
Mark Russell Smith* and Ellen Dinwiddie Smith*
William H. Smith III
Richard and Amanda Smoot
Harold and Emily Starr^
Mark N. Steinberger and Ann C. Lebowitz

Ellen J. Steiner 

Martin P. Stepper*
R.V. Stone
Mrs. Eva-Maria Tausig
Ivana Vavra
Peggy Wachs
Dr. R. J. Wallner
Robert Weiner
Carol A. Westfall
Wayne C. Wilson
Drs. Thomas and Dennie P. Wolf
Dr. Ann M. Woodward*
Sue and Michael Young
Sybille Zeldin and Bill Brinkman
Robert Zimet
Zisman Family Foundation

* alumnus/a
^ parents