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Release Requests

If students need to be away from Curtis for any reason for any length of time during the school year, they must secure a Release Request. So that everyone can be certain that a student’s absence is a legitimate use of his or her time, the Release Request should be reviewed and signed in the following order:

  1. the dean
  2. the major faculty member(s)
  3. pertinent staff members and classroom faculty
  4. the registrar and associate dean of academic affairs

Students must follow the procedure listed below.


A Release Request is an official request to be away from Curtis during the semester. Blank Release Requests are available from the registrar and associate dean of academic affairs.

You must submit a completed Release Request—signed by the dean, your major teacher, and any other pertinent faculty members—for any of the following reasons:

1) You anticipate being absent from Curtis for any reason during the term.

2) You are participating in any public performance not sponsored by the school (this includes performance jobs arranged by Curtis) between September 6 and commencement, May 12.

3) You plan to apply for a position or teach, either privately or in connection with other institutions.

Given the fact that class schedules often must be altered on very short notice, Curtis needs to know in advance when you plan to be away and why. You must submit a Release Request even when you foresee no apparent conflict with school activities, classes, or lessons. In order to take makeup tests or quizzes, you must have been released from the class you originally missed.

Since Release Requests require the signature of your major teacher(s) and the teacher(s) of whatever class(es) you might miss, you should begin circulating them early. Return your completed release requests to the registrar and associate dean of academic affairs at least ten days prior to your absence/performance but not more than sixty days in advance.

If your Release Request is approved, the associate dean of academic affairs keeps it on file; if approval is denied, the he returns the form to you. Curtis reserves the right to deny approval if such action is warranted. Academic difficulties are a sufficient reason for faculty members to refuse to sign your release requests.

If you have not processed a release request and a lesson is posted that you cannot make because of an outside commitment, that lesson cannot be rescheduled.

Career-oriented activities such as major solo performances and auditions will receive priority when release requests are submitted for consideration.