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About ArtistYear

The Curtis ArtistYear Fellowship program brings arts access and education to underserved communities through a year of paid service. Launched in 2014, the Curtis program was the pilot for what would become ArtistYear, a national service program dedicated to developing citizen-artists through arts education in Title I schools. Curtis’s ArtistYear Fellows are collaborating with local Philadelphia community partners to work in schools, in healthcare settings, and with homeless populations.


Meet the 2016-17 Fellows

Stanislav Chernyshev (Clarinet ’14)

Service Year Mission: South Philadelphia High School

Stanislav Chernyshev will work at South Philadelphia High School to provide instrumental instruction and ensemble building for students during and after the school day. He will also create a middle-school ensemble as a recruitment tool for the school.

Shannon Lee (Violin ’16)

Service Year Mission: All-City Orchestra/Project 440

Shannon Lee will coordinate side-by-side chamber music groups comprising Curtis students and All-City Orchestra Fellows, to encourage mentoring relationships and provide performance opportunities for their groups in venues across Philadelphia.

Service Year Mission: William Cramp Elementary School

Shannon will create a Suzuki-based violin program for pre-K students at William Cramp Elementary School to promote self-esteem, teamwork, memory, and musical expression.


Alize Rozsnyai

Alize Rozsnyai (Voice ’13, Opera ’15)

Service Year Mission: South Philadelphia High School

Alize Rozsnyai spent last year building and implementing a choral and performing arts program at South Philadelphia High School. Her goal was to create a passion for music in students, and to unify and enrich student life scholastically and personally, by instilling confidence and leadership in their lives. This year she will collaborate with the school's music teacher to continue the building of this new program. She will lead two choirs throughout the year.

Caleb Wiebe (Trumpet '16)

Service Year Mission: Powell Elementary School

For his service year, Caleb Wiebe will work at Powell Elementary School in West Philadelphia. He will collaborate with a visual artist, who is a Drexel ArtistYear fellow, and the school counselor.

Zsche Chuang Rimbo Wong (Viola ’16)

Service Year Mission: Project HOME

Rimbo Wong and T.J. Cole are working together to bring high-quality musical experiences to different living facilities of Project HOME. In addition to organizing regular performances by Curtis students, they will also lead composition classes and create art and music together with the residents.

Service Year Mission: Penn Memory Center (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania)

Rimbo will organize performances at the hospital and in the patients' communities, as well as participate in one-on-one work in patients' homes. She hopes to design a unique experience for each patient at the Penn Memory Center that provides comfort but also inspires creativity.


T.J. Cole (Composition ’16)

Service Year Mission: Project HOME

T.J. Cole and Rimbo Wong will lead composition classes and chamber music performances at several of Project HOME’s 14 living facilities. They will work in collaboration with the manager of volunteer services, social workers, and the art teacher at Project HOME, and will organize regular performances by Curtis students.

Service Year Mission: William Cramp Elementary School

T.J. will be stationed at William Cramp Elementary School. She will help develop a music program for Autism Support classes to integrate music in the student's learning environment, focusing on strengthening communication and language skills. 


Beginning in 2017-18, Curtis alumni will bring their artistry to underserved communities in Philadelphia through the Community Artist Fellowship, a program that retains and builds upon the commitment to service established in Curtis’s partnership with ArtistYear. 



Curtis ArtistYear has been supported by an Advancement grant from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.







Curtis gratefully acknowledges additional funding from Wells Fargo, as well as from Marina Kats, Esq., and an anonymous donor.




Service Year


Founding Team

Elizabeth B. Warshawer, co-founder
Margo Tatgenhorst Drakos, co-founder

Mary Javian, chair of career studies. director of professional development and community engagement
David Ludwig, Gie and Lisa Liem dean of artistic programs and performance, composition faculty
Kristen B. Loden, senior vice president of advancement