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Curtis Community Engagement Program

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The Curtis Community Engagement Program offers opportunities for students to perform in the community.

The program was created with a twofold mission:

  • to take music to young people and others in our diverse community who may not otherwise have access to it
  • to provide training and practical experience to Curtis students in presenting interactive educational programs to children and members of the public who have little or no experience with music.

Founded on the belief that musicians must actively advocate for their art, the program prepares Curtis students for this aspect of their future professional lives.

Curtis students perform in the community through the Albert M. Greenfield Concerts, which provide interactive educational presentations for students in area schools, hospitals, senior centers, and community venues. Students also participate in the family concert series at Curtis, and coach young musicians in master classes and small-group settings. 

Greenfield Residences

Each year many Curtis students participate in the Albert M. Greenfield Residencies, designed to engage audiences in schools, hospitals, senior centers, and other venues. These in-depth residencies develop lasting relationships between Curtis students and members of the Philadelphia community through shared encounters with music.


Mary Javian, director of community engagement and career development services, (215) 717-3149