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Student Health Insurance Requirement

Curtis requires all students to have adequate health care insurance for twelve months each year and offers a comprehensive student health insurance policy. The premium cost is approximately $2,500 (subject to change) for the 2013-14 school year (twelve months of coverage August 15, 2013 through August 14, 2014). All Curtis students are automatically charged for this coverage.

Students may request exemption from enrollment in the plan and its cost if they feel that a parental or private health insurance plan provides adequate protection while they are attending Curtis.

To request exemption:

  1. submit a copy of your insurance company's Summary Plan Description (SPD) or Schedule of Benefits
  2. submit a copy of your insurance card showing valid enrollment dates

Curtis will compare the information from your private plan to that of the plan it offers to determine if your private plan coverage is adequate while you are attending Curtis. Both you and your parents will be required to sign release forms stating that you (and/or your parents) will be responsible for all uninsured or underinsured medical expenses and that you will not seek reimbursement from Curtis for any medical expenses you might incur.

If Curtis determines that your private plan does not provide adequate protection, you will be advised to enroll in the plan offered through Curtis. If you still choose to be exempt from the Curtis plan, you and your parents will be required to sign the waivers for uninsured medical expenses indicated above.


Thomas Bandar, assistant dean of residence life, (215) 875-4202