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At the Curtis Institute of Music, extraordinary musical traditions are handed down from one generation to the next through the cherished relationship between mentors and protégés. To honor the vital role of Curtis’s legendary faculty in furthering the school’s mission, generous donors have established endowed faculty chairs.

Curtis has secured a $17 million faculty chair challenge issued by Board Chairman H. F. "Gerry" Lenfest and his wife, Marguerite, a member of the board of overseers. Since 2008, eleven faculty chairs endowed by gifts of $1.5 million or more have been created in response to the challenge, raising a total of $34 million for Curtis. Established in areas of strategic importance, the chairs honor the school's outstanding faculty, attract top-tier artists and educators, and teach students the skills needed for a 21st-century career. Added to eight faculty chairs endowed by other generous donors, the challenge brings the total number of endowed chairs to nineteen.

Meeting the challenge has enabled Curtis to achieve a major goal of its Strategic Plan: to enlist the highest quality faculty in all areas of instruction. "Curtis's greated and most essential strength is its faculty," Mr. Lenfest commented as the challenge was met in December. "As has been true for the past 88 years, students will choose Curtis because of the opportunity to study with a specific teacher. It is tremendous to see donors join Marguerite and me in ensuring the faculty at this unique institution will remain world-class."

Although the Lenfest Faculty Challenge has been fulfilled, Curtis still needs to build its endowment to maintain its tuition-free policy endowing a faculty chair at Curtis is a wonderful way to support this vital resource. Please help recognize the exceptional quality of the Curtis’s dedicated teachers, while making an important and lasting investment in Curtis. Commitments can be paid over five years or satisfied through a bequest or other planned gift.

Benefits to donors

  • Endowed faculty chairs receive prominent recognition in concert programs and other Curtis publications.
  • Donors have opportunities to meet the faculty member who holds their chair and receive an annual report on his or her activities.
  • Biographies for performing faculty indicate the name of the endowed chair they hold at the Curtis Institute of Music.


Charles Sterne III, director of principal gifts and planned giving, (215) 717-3126