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Keys for Curtis

Here's your opportunity to purchase one or more of the 1,936 new keys on the twenty-two new Steinway pianos selected by Curtis for the school's new building, Lenfest Hall, which opened in 2011. 

Give to Keys for Curtis

Buy a "Key" for Curtis

The twenty-two new pianos, purchased by Curtis from Steinway & Sons in 2011, are the heart of our "All Steinway" collection. You can help Curtis pay for these beautiful new Steinway pianos by making a gift of a key ($50), an octave ($600), or an entire keyboard ($4,400). Even now, Curtis will recognize your gift to our capital campaign.

If you give an entire keyboard ($4,400), you'll be invited by Curtis for a tour of the Steinway & Sons factory in Long Island City, New York, hosted by Jacobs Music Company, the official Steinway retailer in the tri-state area.

As a thank-you to all Keys for Curtis contributors, Curtis will send you a "Keys for Curtis" keychain and list your name on one of our Keys for Curtis piano web page. There is a web page for each piano, from a Steinway Model "K" upright to a Steinway Model "D" concert grand. For our Keys for Curtis campaign, each piano has been named after a famous composer - you can pick your favorite!

To make your gift, visit one - or more - of these pages to select a piano:

  • J.S. Bach -  Steinway Concert Grand, Model “D” - on the stage of Field Concert Hall
  • Handel - Steinway Model “B” - Room 210, Lenfest Hall
  • D. Scarlatti -  Steinway Model “K” - Room 317, Lenfest Hall
  • Mozart - Steinway Model “B” - Horszowski Room, 1726 Locust
  • Beethoven - Steinway Model “O” - Room 401, Lenfest Hall
  • Haydn -  Steinway Model “K” -  Room 312, Lenfest Hall
  • Brahms -  Steinway Model “B” - Room 302, Lenfest Hall
  • Chopin -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 305, Lenfest Hall
  • Liszt -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 310, Lenfest Hall
  • Mendelssohn -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 318, Lenfest Hall
  • Schubert -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 411, Lenfest Hall
  • Schumann -  Steinway Model “O” - Room 419, Lenfest Hall
  • Tchaikovsky -  Steinway Model “M” - Room 406, Lenfest Hall
  • Barber -  Steinway Model “A” - Room 301, Lenfest Hall
  • Bartók -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 207, Lenfest Hall
  • Bernstein -  Steinway Upright Model “B” - Room 302, Lenfest Hall
  • Debussy -  Steinway Upright Model “M” - Room 416, Lenfest Hall
  • Gershwin -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 316, Lenfest Hall
  • Prokofiev -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 315, Lenfest Hall
  • Rachmaninoff -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 313, Lenfest Hall
  • Ravel -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 412, Lenfest Hall
  • Stravinsky -  Steinway Upright Model “K” - Room 414, Lenfest Hall

When making your gift, you can specify the piano and the key(s). Assignments will be made on a first-come first-served basis.  Your gift to the Keys for Curtis campaign will help defray the cost of the new Steinway pianos; it is not considered a gift to the Curtis Annual Fund. 


Charles Sterne III, director of principal gifts and planned giving, (215) 717-3126