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Photo credit: David Katzenstein

piano strings and soundboard, photo by David Katzenstein
To fulfill its ambitious plans, Curtis must ensure that its infrastructure—comprising governance, leadership, staffing, finances, communications, technology, systems, and processes—is fully aligned with the work it has set out to do. Judicious investments in infastructure continue to support the successful pursuit of Curtis's strategic goals.

Curtis's ongoing operations and the initiatives propelled by the strategic plan carry financial implications that are planned in advance through a five-year financial projection, recast annually. Similarly, an annual program of Board evaluation ensures that the school's governance structure supports the strategic plan.

Among the strategic steps Curtis took in FY 2012 to ensure that its infrastructure can support the multi-year goals of the Strategic Plan:

  • created a 20-year budget projection as well as a five-year projection, in order to test budget assumptions and adjust them
  • recruited new Curtis trustees and overseers to broaden the geographic reach and diversity of both boards
  • established a new position of executive producer and director of the video department with both staff and teaching responsibilities; and expanded the video inventory to complement ongoing media efforts and raise teh school's online visibility
  • collaborated with the Philadelphia Inquirer and on "The Curtis Factor," a multimedia initiative encompassing a three-part series of front-page articles on Curtis, a four-part video documentary, and a dedicated web microsite