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Photo credit: Pete Checchia

David Starobin, photo by Pete Checchia
At Curtis, the world’s finest performers attract, educate and train the next generation, perpetuating a tradition of excellence. Curtis’s small size, familial culture, and personalized approach to musical training provide a nurturing relationship between teacher and student that prompts loyal, prominent alumni to return, whether to join the faculty or to give master classes.

Maintaining and strengthening our faculty remains one of our highest priorities, for a strong faculty will position us to continue to attract the very best students from all over the world. Toward that end, this year we have made major strides in the area
of major faculty compensation, which in recent decades fell significantly behind the market.

Ensuring the ideal combination of faculty in all areas is a continuous process. The very excellence of today’s faculty challenges the school to find worthy successors to guide the students of tomorrow. Curtis cultivates and evaluates potential future performance faculty through master classes, residencies, and guest-artist engagements. The school also aims to ensure a fuller integration of the Musical Studies and Liberal Arts curricula with the performance curriculum.  

Among the strategic steps Curtis took in FY 2012 to perpetuate and reinforce its unique faculty and teaching traditions:

  • endowed a faculty chair in the new guitar department in response to the $17 million Lenfest Faculty Challenge
  • appointed two new performance faculty members in horn and harpsichord
  • continued to address faculty compensation