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Leopold Stokowski Society Committee

The Curtis Annual Fund accomplishes its ambitious goals thanks to the support and leadership of the Leopold Stokowski Society Committee. A subcommittee of the Board of Trustees, it comprises members from throughout the Philadelphia region who are dedicated to preserving and growing the leadership level of Curtis Annual Fund supporters. 

The committee’s primary responsibilities are to 

  • secure Annual Fund gifts for the Stokowski Membership Circles, $1,250 and above
  • identify new potential patrons and supporters of Curtis
  • develop strategies to invigorate and encourage financial support of Curtis

2015-16 STOKOWSKI SOCIETY Committee

Betty H. Matarese, chair
Tobe Amsterdam
R. C. Atlee, Crescendo Club
Edith W. “Bonnie” Barnes
Ellen Bildersee
Julie Curson
Judith Francis
Barbara Freed
Lisa Liem
Gina Montana
Edward A. Montgomery Jr., ex-officio
Ashley Robillard, Student Council President
Mary Ellen Schneider
Lee Shlifer
Barbara Oaks Silver
Mark Steinberger
Thomas Vernon