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Friends of Curtis

All individual contributors to the Curtis Annual Fund are recognized as Friends of Curtis. Their unrestricted gifts are essential to fulfilling the school’s mission: to educate and train exceptionally gifted young musicians for careers as performing artists on the highest professional level.

Friends' memberships, through gifts of $50 and more, provide direct support to Curtis’s operational needs on a yearly basis. (Those who contribute $1,250 or more are members of the Leopold Stokowski Society)

Board of Directors of the Friends of Curtis

Curtis's policy of awarding every student a merit-based full-tuition scholarship eliminates a traditional source of income. In the absence of tuition revenues, contributions from Friends are critical to meeting the school's needs.

Membership in the Friends of Curtis comes with many benefits, including discounts to concerts of the Curtis Symphony Orchestra in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center and invitations to selected master classes, orchestra readings/rehearsals, and other members-only events.

Join the Friends of Curtis now.

Board of directors of the friends of the curtis institute of music

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Curtis Institute of Music champions the accomplishments of Curtis’s young musicians and provides important volunteer service and financial support to the school.

The Friends board comprises more than fifty members from throughout the Philadelphia region. The Friends board is committed to broadening support for Curtis, generating enthusiasm for Curtis’s mission to nurture the next generation of classical musicians, and serving as a resource to Curtis students.


Christopher Merritt, chairman
Joan Chait, vice-chairman
Mark Steinberger, vice-chairman
Pauline Candaux, secretary/treasurer


Edith W. (Bonnie) Barnes
Pauline A. Candaux
Edna Dick
Judy Garfinkel
Kate Hall
Judy Kaplow
Caroline S. Koblenzer
Frances Levy
Madelyn Mignatti
Barbara Mishkin
Linda Mitchell
John G. Papianou, ex-officio
James Peters
Shirley Smith
Bobby Towcimak
Aileen E. Whitman
Eloise Wood


Advisory Members

Nina Albert
Carole Isseks Bailis
Eileen Baird
Dianne G. Bernstein
Ellen Bildersee
Charles A. Carr
Patricia Conway
L. Daniel Dannenbaum
Niza L. Davidson, PhD.
Lee de Rham
Craig Merrick Ebner
David B. Fay*
Judith Francis
Barbara F. Freed, Ph.D.
Edith Evans Frumin*
Elizabeth P. Glendinning
Susan Horwitz Goldberg
Adele Gray
Helaine S. Greenberg, D.S.W.
Nancy Heinzen
Miriam Kanev
Sandra Kelly
Fanabel Block Kremens*
Sandra Marcucci
Betty Harris Matarese
Evelyn K. Merritt
Barbara Moskow*
Margaret Reese
Gabrielle Kazze Rinaldi
Marian Robinson
Beatrice S. Rossman
Shirlee S. Schachtel
Anita G. Schmukler
Ruth Septee
Joseph Shanis
Barbara Oaks Silver
Ivana Vavra
Peggy B. Wachs
Garth Weldon
Linda Yaffe

Honorary Members

A. Margaret “Stormy” Bok
Rachel Bok Goldman
Naomi Graffman


* alumnus/alumna
^ Curtis parent

+ deceased


Anthony J. Brown, director of annual giving, (215) 893-5279