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One Concert for Curtis

Alumni giving back with One Concert for Curtis

Contribute the proceeds from one concert during your season to support Curtis each year. Honor your mentor(s) while helping make Curtis’s unique educational experience possible for students who are following in your footsteps—the next generation of concert artists.

To learn more about the program and how to participate, contact the Alumni Relations Office, (215) 893-5272.

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One Concert for curtis: why i give

Lucille Chung (Piano ’92) photo by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

Lucille Chung (Piano '92)

Attending Curtis was an important milestone in my life and I realize how crucial every individual gift is in making Curtis's mission an ongoing reality. Through my One Concert for Curtis gift, I am proud to continue to be part of Curtis's legacy.


Haochen Zhang (Piano ’12) photo (c) B Ealovega

Haochen Zhang (Piano '12)

I'm so grateful to my teacher, Mr. Graffman, for helping me discover my own voice at the piano. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't show my gratitude by giving back One Concert for Curtis in his honor.


As of January 14, 2014

Shmuel Ashkenasi (Violin ’63), in honor of Eleanor Sokoloff (Piano ’38)

Benjamin Beilman (Violin ’12), in honor of Peter Wiley (Cello ’74)

Barbara Blegen (Piano ’65)

Ralph Buck (Trumpet '60), in memory of Ralph Buck, Jr.

Paul Bryan (Trombone '93), in honor of Glenn Dodson (Trombone '53)

Che-Hung Chen (Viola ’99), in honor of Joseph de Pasquale (Viola ’42)

Ray Chen (Violin ’10), in honor of Aaron Rosand (Violin ’48)

Jasmine Choi (Flute ’04), in honor of Jeffrey Khaner and Julius Baker (Flute ’37)

Lucille Chung (Piano ’92)

Vinson Cole (Voice ’76), in honor of Margaret Harshaw

David Coucheron (Violin '05), in honor of Aaron Rosand (Violin '48)

Roberto Díaz (Viola ’84), in honor of William Primrose and Joseph de Pasquale (Viola ’42)

Walter Gray (Cello '73), in memory of Orlando Cole (Cello '34)

Yvonne Lam (Violin ’05)

David Ludwig (Composition ’01)

Alan Morrison (Organ ’91, Accompanying ’93), in honor of Vladimir Sokoloff (Accompanying ’38)

Eric Owens (Opera ’95), in honor of Mikael Eliasen

Jerome Rosen (Violin '59), in honor of Constant Vauclain, and in memory of Thomas S. Monohan and Herbert S. Brewster

Zina Schiff (Violin ’69), in honor of Vladimir Sokoloff (Accompanying ’38)

André-Michel Schub (Piano ’73)

Rachel Swerdlow (Viola '81)

Sarah Wetherbee (Viola ’88) 

Haochen Zhang (Piano ’12), in honor of Gary Graffman (Piano '46)

Natalie Zhu (Piano ’97), in honor of Gary Graffman (Piano '46)