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Alumni Council

An umbrella organization for all alumni, the Curtis Alumni Council exists to unite Curtis alumni worldwide and to serve as advisors, guardians, and supporters of the Institute.

All Curtis alumni are represented by the council with no membership dues. Elected alumni serve as class representatives, as well as representatives from independent Curtis alumni organizations. One elected council representative also serves on the Curtis Board of Trustees to represent the alumni.


What does an Alumni Council member do?

  • Participates in two Saturday meetings a year: fall and spring. Conference calls and travel subsidies are available.
  • Contributes to the Alumni Annual Fund, and encourages alumni to do so as well
  • Serves a three-year term, May—May, which can be renewed for a second three-year term; the two Alumni Organization representatives serve one-year-terms, which can be renewed three times.
  • Serves on one of the standing committees:

Communications—Helps reach out to alumni via social media, in person, and on the phone.

Annual Fund—Makes a yearly contribution and encourages other alumni to do so as well.

Student Liaison—Helps supports the current students.

Nominating—Helps engage other alumni onto the Council for a vibrant active group.

Mission and Responsibilities

Executive Committee

Class Representatives

Alumni Organization Representatives



Mission and responsibilities



  • to foster lifelong connections among the alumni
  • to encourage the exchange of information and ideas
  • to inspire active involvement in the Institute’s mission


Core responsibilities

  • to inform the alumni of the current and future goals of Curtis on a continuing basis
  • to communicate alumni sentiment to the Trustees, Overseers, Faculty, and Staff
  • to support Curtis through our financial contributions and volunteer service
  • to be guardians of our collective history


Additional responsibilities

  • to raise Curtis’s visibility on a national and international level in order to help recruit exceptional talent
  • to nominate competent, committed alumni who reflect our rich cultural diversity to serve on the Council
  • to recognize exceptional alumni achievement with the yearly Alumni Award
  • to preserve the right to think independently, ask questions, express our opinions and our constructive criticism to the staff and board, and to praise worthy achievements

Alumni Council members


Executive Committee

Stanford Thompson (Trumpet '09), Chairman

Jonathan Bailey Holland (Composition '96), Vice-Chairman

Miles B. Davis (Double Bass ’74), Treasurer, Co-Chair, Annual Fund Committee

Marsha Hunter (Voice '77), Board of Trustees liaison

Teddy Abrams (Conducting '08), Chair, Student Liaison Committee

Cheryl Majercik Baranes (Voice '89, Opera '91), Co-Chair, Annual Fund Committee

Mimi Stillman (Flute '99), Chair, Communications Committee

Richard Shapp (Opera '75), Chair, Nominating Committee

Ann Woodward (Viola '65), At-large


Class Representatives


Frederick E. Sewell (Violin ’54)


Evelyn McCarty (Oboe '58)

Elizabeth Keller (Piano '61)

Zina Schiff (Violin '69)

Edmund Evans Moore (Tuba '60)



Sandra N. Miller (Flute ’72)

Rev. Mary June Nestler (Voice '75)


Martha Hitchins (Timpani/Percussion '78)

Joseph Lovinsky (Horn '83)

Janellen Farmer (Opera '84)

Raymond Wang (Cello ’84)



Wanchi Huang (Violin '90)

George Chase (Trumpet '93)

Daniel McDougall (Double Bass '93)


Daniel Wachs (Piano '98)

Nicolas Kendall (Violin '01)


John B Hedges (Composition ’02)

Yvonne Lam (Violin '05)

Weston A. Sprott (Trombone ’06)

Catalina Vicens (Harpsichord '06)


Alumni Organization Representatives

Richard Shapp (Opera '75), Alumni Society of Greater Philadelphia

Paul Romero (Accompanying '86), Curtis Alumni Association West, Inc.


Curtis Staff Representatives

Roberto Díaz (Viola '84), President

David Ludwig, Dean of Artistic Programs, Lisa and Gie Liem Artistic Chair of Performance Studies

Paul Bryan, Dean of Faculty and Students



Laura Sancken, director of alumni and parent relations, (215) 893-5272