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Alumni Network


committee of alumni, led by Stanford Thompson (Trumpet ’09) and Marsha Hunter (Voice ’76), are working to activate a global Alumni Network. This network is the next evolution of the Alumni Council, the former alumni leadership board, and will continue to provide leadership opportunities for alumni.


The mission of the Alumni Network is to connect alumni to one another and to current students, keep alumni invested in Curtis, and help alumni be global ambassadors for music.  


Goals for the alumni network include:

  • Connecting alumni with current students
  • Connecting alumni globally
  • Creating volunteer opportunities in Philadelphia, globally, and digitally
  • Incorporating the voice, knowledge, and skills of alumni into Curtis’s operating framework


How Can I Get Involved?

Join us for a series of alumni network conference calls! All alumni are invited to call-in to participate in each conversation as we work to develop programs in specific subject areas like mentorship and professional developlmemt. LEARN MORE…


The alumni network will include numerous volunteer opportunities, as well as a resource hub for alumni, focused on the following projects:

  • Mentorship
  • Professional Development
  • Regional Ambassadors
  • Social Media and Communications
  • Alumni Reunion
  • Fundraising


Join Our New Private Teacher Directory

By alumni request, we are starting a directory of alumni who have private teaching studios, listed by state. If you would like your private teaching studio listed on the Curtis website, please contact us.