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Off-Campus Housing

The Office of Student Services prepares the listing of off-campus housing options available in the Rittenhouse Square area.

The best time for you to secure an apartment is in the spring or early summer. Property owners and managers know what properties they have available for rent usually after receiving notice of intention to renew or terminate leases from their current tenants.

For students who are not required to live in Lenfest Hall, upon request we will provide students with materials to assist in their search for suitable housing. Be sure to view the Housing Possibility List (coming soon). This will provide you with some helpful information. You will find apartment listings and contact phone numbers for managers and landlords. Because of the serious time commitment and for your safety, Curtis advises you to live within a five block radius of the Institute.

Curtis does not provide parking to students and recommends that students not bring automobiles to school. All students who wish to bring a car must make arrangements on their own with local garages. Long-term parking fees are quite high.

Required Housing

For 2014-15: All incoming, unmarried students who were born on or after September 1, 1992, through August 31, 1998, are required to live in Lenfest Hall during their first two years.

Students younger than sixteen as of September 1 are required to have a parent or adult guardian living with them off campus for the entire academic year.


Veronica McAuley, director of student financial assistance, 215-717-3188