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Keyboard Studies I

KBD 101–102; 1 s.h./term

Contrapuntal and harmonic progressions in all keys, fundamentals of figured bass, keyboard settings of folk and chorale melodies, and basic score-reading.

Keyboard Studies II

KBD 201–202; 1 s.h./term

Figured bass chorales, introduction to continuo, techniques of orchestral score-reading, Bach’s Art of the Fugue in open score, and sight-reading for two and four hands.

Keyboard Studies III

KBD 301–302; 1 s.h./term

Advanced continuo, advanced orchestral score-reading, and advanced sight-reading for two and four hands.

Keyboard Improvisation

KBD 305*; 1 s.h./term

An exploration of the techniques for creating formal tonal structures on both given and free materials. The first semester will focus on harmonization and ornamentation of chorale melodies, including chorale prelude, variations, and ground bass. Free-form structure will be explored in the second semester, as well as including some two- and three-part form.


Odd-numbered courses generally meet in the fall and even-numbered courses meet in the spring.

The designations "s.h." (semester hours) and "g.c." (graduate credits) indicate credit-hours given per term for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively.

Yearlong, two-semester courses are designated by hyphenated course numbers. Students must successfully complete both semesters of required yearlong courses to satisfy the graduation requirement.

The symbol * indicates a course that is not offered every year.