Keyboard Instruments


Applicants will play from memory:

  • A complete work of J. S. Bach
  • One of the sonatas listed below (complete and by memory):
    • Any Mozart sonata (except K. 545)
    • Any Beethoven sonata (except Op. 49)
    • Any of these five Haydn sonatas:
      1. A-flat major, Hob. XVI:46, L. 31
      2. C minor, Hob. XVI:20, L. 33
      3. E-flat major, Hob. XVI:49, L. 59
      4. C-major, Hob. XVI:50, L. 60
      5. E-flat major, Hob. XVI:52, L. 62
  • One slow and one fast selection from the works of Chopin for solo piano (no works of Chopin for piano and orchestra will be acceptable)

No substitutions for the above repertoire will be allowed.


Applicants will play from memory:

  • A prelude and fugue by J. S. Bach
  • An allegro movement from a Bach trio sonata or comparable chorale-prelude
  • Two movements from the romantic or contemporary literature, one of which should be a slow movement

Organ applicants will also be asked to sight-read. A modern composition will be sent to each auditionee one month prior to auditions and will be performed (optional: from memory) at the audition.

The organ in Field Concert Hall is an Aeolian-Skinner, 5 manuals, 116 ranks. See detailed specification .