Keyboard Instruments


Applicants will play from memory:

  • A complete work of J. S. Bach
  • Any Mozart sonata (except K. 545) or any Beethoven sonata (except Op. 49), complete
  • One slow and one fast selection from the works of Chopin for solo piano (no works of Chopin for piano and orchestra will be acceptable)
  • A complete major solo work (at least ten minutes long) of the applicant’s choosing

No substitutions for the above repertoire will be allowed.


Applicants will play from memory:

  • A prelude and fugue by J. S. Bach
  • An allegro movement from a Bach trio sonata or comparable chorale-prelude
  • Two movements from the romantic or contemporary literature, one of which should be a slow movement

Organ applicants will also be asked to sight-read. A modern composition will be sent to each auditionee one month prior to auditions and will be performed (optional: from memory) at the audition.

The organ in Field Concert Hall is an Aeolian-Skinner, 5 manuals, 116 ranks. See detailed specification .