The Diploma is given upon completion of a minimum of seventy semester hours (s.h.), as outlined below.

A minimum two-year residency is required.

General Requirements

Performance 16 s.h.
Major lesson 16 s.h.
Additional departmental requirements (listed below)  
Musical Studies 35 s.h.
Fundamentals 2 s.h.
Harmony I, II 7 s.h.
Counterpoint I, II 6 s.h.
Form 2 s.h.
Solfège I, II 8 s.h.
Music History I, II 10 s.h.
(Some majors require additional performance and musical studies courses: 
See Additional Departmental Requirements, below.)
Career Studies 1 s.h.
Social Entrepreneur 1 s.h.
Liberal Arts  
No specific requirements  

Additional Departmental Requirements

Performance 16 s.h.
Composition Seminars 12 s.h.
Supplementary Piano 4 s.h.
Musical Studies 6 s.h.
Applied Orchestration 4 s.h.
Score-Reading 2 s.h.

(Major Requirements: P=Piano, O=Organ)

Performance 12 s.h.
Chamber Music 4 s.h. (P, O)
Piano Repertoire Seminar 4 s.h. (P)
Supplementary Piano 4 s.h. (O)
Graduation Recital - Required (P)
Organ Class 4 s.h. (O)
Early Music Performance 4 s.h.
Musical Studies 4 s.h.
Keyboard Studies I, II 4 s.h.
Career Studies 2 s.h.
Sacred Music Seminar 2 s.h. (O)

(Major Requirements: T=Timpani/Percussion, Va.=Viola, Clo.=Cello, Vn.=Violin)

Performance 24 s.h.
Chamber Music 4 s.h.
Orchestra 12 s.h. (age sixteen and older)
Orchestral Repertoire Class/Sectionals 4 s.h. (string, woodwind, brass, or percussion)
Supplementary Piano 2 s.h.
Performance - Required (T)
Graduation Recital - Required (Vn., Va., Clo., T)

Performance 10 s.h.
Chamber Music 4 s.h.
Guitar Seminar 4 s.h.
Supplementary Piano 2 s.h.
Graduation Recital - Required  

Performance 30 s.h.
Opera Stagings 12 s.h.
Diction Coachings 4 s.h.
Supplementary Piano 2 s.h.
Vocal Performance Seminar 4 s.h.
Vocal Repertoire Coaching 8 s.h.
Musical Studies 4 s.h.
History of Singing 4 s.h.

Transfer Process from the Diploma Program to the Bachelor of Music Program

Diploma students who wish to transfer to the Bachelor’s Program must provide all required application documents by September 1 for a first-semester transfer, or by December 1 for a second-semester transfer.

Diploma students may take no more than two one-semester liberal arts courses prior to an official transfer to the bachelor’s program.

The GED will be accepted by Curtis as a supplement to evidence of exceptional academic achievement as part of the application for the bachelor’s program only when prior permission has been obtained from the dean of faculty and students, the registrar, the associate dean of student services, the chair of the liberal arts department, and the chair of the musical studies department. A permission form is available in the registrar's office.