Artistic Programs and Performance

David Ludwig, Gie and Lisa Liem Dean of Artistic Programs and Performance 
Lourdes Starr Demers, vice president of artistic programs and performance, (215) 717-3192

Matthew Barker, director of recitals and master classes, (215) 717-3178
Catelyn Cohen, manager of touring and community engagement, (215) 717-3143
Hannah Horine, artistic programs coordinator, (215) 717-3197
Jonathan Hummel, director of orchestral operations, (215) 717-3191
Mary Wheelock Javian, director of professional development and community engagement, (215) 717-3149
Andrew Lane, director of Curtis On Tour, (215) 717-3124
Adam Pangburn, associate for the department of artistic programs and performance, (215) 875-4208
Annie Sarachan, coordinator of Summerfest communications, (215) 717-3193
Drew Schlegel, director of audio engineering, (215) 717-3101
Greg Sharrow, Field-McFadden Chair in Audio-Visual Arts, (215) 875-4204
Grace Smith, production assistant, (215) 717-3174
Shino Verner, manager of summer programs, (215) 717-3167
Mickey Welde, assistant editor and audio-visual arts coordinator