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Overtones is the semi-annual magazine of the Curtis Institute of Music.

In this issue, we look back on student life at Curtis over the past 90 years, follow the preparation of Luciano Berio’s kaleidoscopic Sinfonia, and more.



Meet the Students: Having grown up at Curtis. Daniel Hsu's time has come. (p. 7)

Meet the Faculty: Curtis double bassists develop their varied strengths under the generous and firm guidance of Hal Robinson. (p. 10)

Alumni Homecoming: Curtis hosted graduates from the 1930s to the 2010s at a September reunion.  (p. 13)

A Sinfonia Diary: Presenting Luciano Berio's whirling tour-de-force was a six-month team effort. Coaches and performers reflect on the journey. (p. 16)

"A Near-Utopian Community...": An archival exhibit focuses on student life through the decades. (p. 22)

The Compleat Musician: Liberal arts faculty member Caroline Meline considers teaching philosophy in the conservatory. (p. 27)

First Person: Curtis viola graduate Jessica Chang weaves a fulfilling artistic life from multiple strands. (p. 28)

Meet the Alumni: For organ virtuoso Paul Jacobs, advocacy and artistry go hand in hand. (p. 31)


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